Hi, I'm Mike Brennan, how are you? I'm a creative through and through. It's what gets be out of bed and excited about the day. As Creative Director at Bindable, I manage and participate the branding, user experience and front-end development of multiple brands across different demographics and products. I've got over 15 years of experince in internet making and I can't imagine doing anything else.

But, enough about all that, let's get into the work, you can learn more about the professional track on LinkedIn.


I really enjoy branding and logo creation. I approach branding as capturing the personality of a business or product. Communicating that personality out to the world through branding is an exciting task and something I look forward to every chance I get.


User Experience Design is where the bulk of my focus has been recently. I really enjoy the challenge of making complicated forms and enrollment processes as easy on the user as possible. Most of my experience in this area of design has come in the insurance space, which provides plenty of challenging UX elements.

Front-End Dev

Being a coder gives me good insight when I'm designing something because I'm constantly thinking and chanllenging myself with how I'll be able to code a particular design. Examples? Everything presented above was also coded by this guy. HTML, CSS (SASS) and display level JavaScript (JQuery). Some of it (including this site) on a scratch built UI framework I built called Hindenburg.

So go ahead and poke around in the source code.

Other examples? Why not?

That's It

The icons to the left or above (depending on your device of choice) are the best way to get in contact with me.