MyLifeProtected is the engine that fed the leads into the Bindable insurance agency, and almost 100% of those leads came to us through affinity marketing channels. With MyLifeProtected I had to create sites and enrollment experiences that were very easy to change the branding on, and easy to deploy to service our customers. I went as far as to create my own UI framework for our sites that I thought better served our white labeling needs.

When we set out to create our own auto quoting experience in 2016, much like my time at GradGuard, drop-off and conversation were my main focus points. At that time, if you were going to get a quote on auto and homeowners insurance, that meant getting a quote on one product, then working with your agent to get the other product. I decided early on that we needed figure out a way to do both at the same time. We were already collecting a lot of data in one application that could inform the other. I designed a form that grew depending on the number of products you wanted to quote. The first version of the Totally Awesome Custom Quoting Utility (TACQU for short) was well received, but not without some rough spots. Going back into the analytics showed me where some optimizations could be made, and the following version of TACQU currently boasts 75% conversion rate.